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How many income streams do you currently have? If your answer is one or two, this blog can be a great way to turn that into 3 or more!

Many of us are not using our cars 24/7, so why not turn them into little money magnets?

Here are a few ways we can create more income streams using our vehicles.


Many of you reading this will likely commute to work using some form of public transport. Even if you don’t, whilst you are working your car will be parked dormant in some dodgy car park. In which you are probably paying for parking tickets, which let’s be honest are a complete rip off!

So why not, instead of being charged for leaving your car parked, rent out your car to people for a reasonable price. You charge the person/people for time spent using the car, and put a price on the petrol usage. This is such an easy way to make an extra £1,000 + a week. We do have to say proceed with caution on this one. Make sure the person you are renting your car out to won’t do a runner! especially if you are driving around in a brand new Lamborghini, because you will likely get many offers to rent your car, then they drive away with a £100 Lamborghini.


Okay this one may not be for everyone. You would be surprised how much companies will pay you to put their adverts and promotions on your vehicles. There are many websites in which you can speak to businesses looking for people willing to put their ads on their cars.

An examples website would be Carquids, but we advise you to look around and find the best one for your geographic.

After the company has branded your car, you just need to carry on your normal routine. Only difference being, your getting paid big bucks for it!


Recently we saw a huge increase in popularity for companies such as Uber and Lyft. If you are bored during your nights and want to make an extra sum of money, then why not join the thousands of people already using these fantastic apps? We recommend doing this on a night where the younger generations are out clubbing. Even though you are going to have to commit to getting up at around 4-5 o-clock, you can make huge profits by working at these hours. After the youth have finished dancing the night away in the clubs, they tend to always need some way of getting home. For some this could be the train, but for some (the ones that are slightly too drunk) need a ride home. When its freezing cols outside, and their parents are refusing to collect them, the only option is your service.


Amazon have set up a great programme for their delivery services. It is known as Amazon Flex. They pay you to deliver their products! What makes this so great is that you need little to no experience. All you need is a vehicle that has passed its MOT; a valid driving licence; and to complete some background checks to make sure you won’t steal anything. With the online retailers growing massively every single year, the demand for these driver is forever increasing. So get in now!

What’s more, if your car is has got its MOT coming up soon, you can bring it to Bolney Grange Garage!

Visit www.bolneygrangegarage.org to make sure your car is in tip top shape, and ready to make you money.